La Martiniere MUN ’15 Experience

It has been almost a month since LMUN 2015 ended and here I am with a short note on it, structured day-by-day. I won’t go too much into committee details rather into “other” details.

Day 1
It started with the usual opening ceremony, of course with the excellent keynote speaker.
(But we were sitting right at the back of the audi, checking into FB, bit of lobbying, and talking away)
Then, the committee session was soon in place. Not much happened in the first session as the opening ceremony got over late and then the chairperson also spent an hour explaining the new UN4MUN procedures which were different from the UNA-USA ones usually followed. The chair, Mr. Krisshna Saraswat was an amazing person. He is working as a legal advisor with Thompson Reuters – an international news agency. He was also the ’employee of the year’ of its India Office in New Delhi. It was amazing to see how he was managing 70 odd delegates in the committee all by himself. The co-chair hadn’t shown up for the conference.

After tea, we had another session in which only 1 moderated caucus was done along with an unmod. Chair didn’t recognise me even once in this session.

Then came lunch, I met Roli Ma’am (Our faculty-advisor) – I told her about the chair not recognising me and few other things. It was 1 long hour so we were roaming all around the campus….The campus would never end.

The 3rd session of the day just passed as everyone was waiting for the Bonfire with Live music which followed tea.


This was one of the highlights of LMUN as Trishna the band performed. A typical Rock concert on a very high stage in a large field with bonfires all around; people stuffed close to the stage jumping madly to the beats the band played. Max Sir (Music teacher of our school) was a member of this band. Their performance was amazing. No words to elaborate the moment. The fact that this was even more special for me was that, this was the first live performance I had ever attended.

Adjacent to the stage, there were 3 interesting stalls — Cafe Coffee Day–Dominos–and a Selfie Center where you could get various photography props like LED glasses, selfie sticks, cutouts etc. At this stall there was also a provision to send anonymous roses to anyone with a message. They were delivered the next day. Soon the concert was over as these two hours literally vanished. THIS WAS A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE.
Dinner followed and then I sat down in the garden gossiping along with old friends I met after a long time. The talks continued till nine.

Day 2
I was a bit late to reach. So was the chair so it didn’t matter. The usual committee proceedings followed. Then, the roses were delivered. Each one was greeted with table-taps and woos. There were some really interesting ones too……..

The whole day continued on the usual pattern of Day 1 but then came the socials. Entertainment sessions were unique though. As he had done before during Constantia, a guy named Zayeem again marred the occasion by filling ears and creating up a fight scene among few people outside the hall. Although the teachers easily managed to stop it.
The socials were great.The hall, the DJ, the ambience 💖. Once again, I’m falling short of words.

I bet almost everyone in the hall wished this moment could pause forever.
Socials were followed by the principal’s dinner in the principal’s garden where Mr. Mc Farland addressed the gathering for few minutes. One of his cliché punchline of a sentence he again spoke was, “Here at La Martiniere it is a tradition ladies and gentlemen. Food is kept to my right and vegetables to my left”. 😂
This was the highlight dinner-the Principal’s Dinner. Delicious kebabs were served. We left after sometime.

Now I know that it’s getting too long so I wouldn’t describe much about day 3. It was a normal MUN day with only sessions. It ended early with the closing ceremony and awards etc. at around 4:30-5:00.

This wasn’t exactly the end as our committee CCPCJ hadn’t even had the lunch as we were sitting in the committee till late and so were forced to directly attend the closing ceremony. Our very special chairperson then took the whole committee to the school canteen (which is big enough and serves great food) and gave us a treat.
As most people left, some of my friends and I accompanied the chairpersons of different committees to tour the campus. They were nice people.

Returned at 8 and here ends LMUN 2015.


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  1. mitalibhasin says:

    LMUN 2015! (Not 2016)
    And, yeah, will go through it right now and let you know my thoughts.

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    1. brijendra98 says:

      Lol ! using 2016 too many times in various applications has put me forward altogether.
      Although this is a small rough description, do let me know your sugestions.


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